Capture Your Special Moment With Crown Room Prefered Videographer - Sunset Blue Productions

Jeff, from Sunset Blue Productions, answers all those burning questions most couples have...but never want to ask.

1. Why do you think all couples should have a videographer at their wedding?
I like to think of the professional wedding video as an investment in the wedding day.  After all the time and energy, not to mention the money, put into a 12-hour period,  a professional video is the only way to really re-live the day over and over again.  Thereby, getting more out of the investment of time and money spent on the day.  The more you spend on your wedding, the more you should spend on the video.  Many times I have heard comments that I am spending a lot on a good photographer, therefore I do not need a videographer.  I am all for spending money on a good photographer, but it really is not the same as a professional video.  Even with the best photo, there is no sound; good sound of the vows and toasts can really take you back to the special day.  Also, when was the last time you cried looking at a wonderful photo?  Video can evoke the love and emotion like photos cannot.

2. What makes Sunset Blue Productions unique from other videographers?
We are all about telling the story of the wedding day in a cinematic and entertaining way.   We use the audio throughout the day that really can add to the visual cinematography we capture of the wedding day.  We think of our highlight videos (called the Featurette and Vignette) as really unique films.   The video really is a reflection of the couple and their love.  Some videos are really fun, others are really emotional and touching, or a combination of the both.   We use many film techniques to give your wedding video a film look. 

3. What different areas of the day do you like to focus on?
We really like to cover the major parts of the day, from the getting ready, all the way through to the dancing at the reception.  We like to focus on the couple and their relationship, so any special notes or gifts given to each other, or the special looks or glances given to each other throughout the day.   We not only try to get the big moments, but also some of the small, special moments throughout the day.

4. What are your favorite moments to capture?
Many times now the couple will see each other before the ceremony.   We call this the “First Look” or “First Meeting”; it is pretty cool to capture this moment.  The raw emotions and the couple seeing each other in their wedding attire is a touching moment not to be missed.  

5. If you could give your couples any advice…what would it be?
Hire a professional videographer to cover your wedding day.   You will not regret it!   Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, if it is worth reliving and remembering, it is worth it to hire a professional videographer to capture it.

Contact Jeff, with Sunset Blue Productions, today to ensure that your Special Day will never be forgotten.

Sunset Blue Productions

(763) 202-4400


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When our guests walk into the Crown Room, the first thing that people notice is our ceiling.  With its open space feel and big wooden beams, it is hard to take your eyes off of it.

The decorating possibilities are endless with such a structure and space to work with.  Here are a few ideas to help your vision become complete.

1. Ceiling Draping:  The silk draping adds a glamorous effect to the room.  Whether you have your head table in front of our fireplace or along our north wall, the draping will make you feel like you have entered into your fairytale ballroom.

2. Café Lights:  If you want to add a little light to the Crown Room but don't want to cover up those beautiful beams, café lights are the way to go.  The open bulb look attached to the string of lights gives your space that little extra something.  Want to add a little more light outside?  No problem, café lighting can be added to the patio space as well.

3. Chandeliers:  Add that glamorous effect with a chandelier above your head table.  The sparkling chandelier will catch light from all angles of the room and draw the attention to the happy couple.  It's a great way to add that touch of elegance to your reception space.

4. Open Beams:  Whether you are going for more of the rustic feel for your wedding, or a hint of shabby chic, the open beams will transform the room into your outdoor effect.  The large wooden beams give the feel of an outdoor reception without the risk of inclement weather. 

We would like to thank the crew from Avant Décor for all of their fantastic ways to decorate the Crown Room ceiling.  If you would like to add that little something to your reception, please give them a call at 952-2399-0480.  They will work with you to add that finishing touch!

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2015 Bridal Open House Re-Cap

We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to all of the couples, family, friends and vendors that joined us for our 2015 Bridal Open House. 

We hope that we have answered all of your questions and have calmed a few nerves.

We have attached some of our favorite photos of the day. A special Thanks to Kerri with KD Photography and Jeff with Sunset Blue Productions for helping us out with these amazing shots.

As you know, we have asked you to turn in your pink sheet at the end of your day to be entered into our drawing.   Listed below are our winners.


Magnum of Wine: Erin Swanstrom & Jeff Ekstrand

1-Night Stay at the Hampton Inn: Amber Johnson & Eric Tuttle

Full Room Wine or Champagne Pour: Rachel Schweiters & Oleg Muravin


Congratulations to our winners.



Meet Crown Room Vendor - Adam Welz with Primetime DJ

The Crown Room Banquet Center is honored to spot light one of its Preferred Vendors.  Read the Q & A session that Adam Welz with Primetime DJ had with the Crown Room staff.



Q: How did you get started in the DJ business?

A:  I started when I was 15 years old working for a DJ company based out of Orono that would DJ at our school dances.  My dad had to drop me off for my first couple of training days at the office because I didn’t have my license yet.   After performing at some middle and high schools I decided to start my own company during college.   I was 19 when I acquired my first wedding and, “bam”,  I was addicted and knew I needed to pursue  my career as a wedding DJ.


Q: Are you an “involved” or “interactive” DJ with your guests?

A:   I am a believer of creating a mood that encourages your guests to have fun and to dance the night away.  From my experience this is far more important then the music.  All DJ’s have access to the same music, fancy lights, and loud speakers, but to be able to use interaction in a fun, not cheesy way, can be a challenge.   Engaging your guests and creating something unique is how you can make a wedding reception like no other.  I meet with every one of my clients.  I know how they met, their passions, and music taste.  Together we build a custom night of interaction and music that will entertain all.


Q: What is your typical time length when you DJ for Weddings?

A:  It depends on what the client’s needs are for their wedding.  Most of the time that will include cocktail hour music, dinner music, and normally around a 4 to 5 hour dance.  


 Q: What is your favorite part of being a DJ:

A: I love meeting people and I love my clients.  Hearing their story during our planning meeting and helping them create a wedding reception that they are excited about is very rewarding.  The best reward is at the end of the night when I execute the event how they envisioned and they are so happy that they chose me as their wedding entertainment.  (Also I dig packed dance floors!)


Q: Do you work alone?  Or do you have an assistant?

A: I always have an assistant with me at every wedding.  In order to execute the high level of entertainment, service, and organization that we deliver having an assistant is a must!


Q: Do you have the same price point all year round?  Or does your pricing change for different times of the year?

A: My price does go down during wedding off season (November to April) and I also do discount for Friday and Sunday night weddings year round. 


Q: Do you do outdoor receptions as well as indoor?

A:  Yes, I do both.  I have been in many barns the last couple of years:)


Q:  Do you offer do provide ceremony music as well as reception music if they are at 2-different venue locations?

 A: Because I have an assistant with me at every event we can easily provide sound at two different locations for our clients if needed.


Q:  How far will you travel to provide your services?

A:  I have been blessed with a wonderful ten-plus year career as a DJ and have been able to perform over 500 wedding in a dozen states and even Mexico.  I am happy to travel anywhere but Wisconsin.  Just kidding.   I love packer fans:)


Q: What are 3-things you would like all of the couples to know about yo

A:   1.  I have a ton of experience, have published 5 wedding magazines, and have a large network of wedding professionals that interconnects me to other vendors to assist with making your overall planning easy.

      2.   I am not only a DJ.  I am the Master Of Ceremonies, coordinate with your venue,     and act as a day of reception coordinator to alleviate wedding day stressors.

      3.    I personally guide you from your initial experience through the last dance of your wedding.  I am my company and  do don’t contract out any of my services.


**To contact Adam, give him a call at: 763-972-6113

   Or check out his website at


What superhero would you want at your wedding?


What superhero would you want at your wedding?

Who doesn't love superheroes?  Matt & Lindsay's love of superheroes was displayed in many ways throughout their special day on August 15, 2014.  From the ties, shoes, sashes on the dresses, to the amazing cake that was the bride's vision and designed by The Crown Room's Pastry Chef, superheroes were very much apart of the couple's special day.

Matt & Lindsay turned a theme that they both loved into an elegant, fun and creative wedding.  They showed that you can incorporate your love of something without making it over the top.