When our guests walk into the Crown Room, the first thing that people notice is our ceiling.  With its open space feel and big wooden beams, it is hard to take your eyes off of it.

The decorating possibilities are endless with such a structure and space to work with.  Here are a few ideas to help your vision become complete.

1. Ceiling Draping:  The silk draping adds a glamorous effect to the room.  Whether you have your head table in front of our fireplace or along our north wall, the draping will make you feel like you have entered into your fairytale ballroom.

2. Café Lights:  If you want to add a little light to the Crown Room but don't want to cover up those beautiful beams, café lights are the way to go.  The open bulb look attached to the string of lights gives your space that little extra something.  Want to add a little more light outside?  No problem, café lighting can be added to the patio space as well.

3. Chandeliers:  Add that glamorous effect with a chandelier above your head table.  The sparkling chandelier will catch light from all angles of the room and draw the attention to the happy couple.  It's a great way to add that touch of elegance to your reception space.

4. Open Beams:  Whether you are going for more of the rustic feel for your wedding, or a hint of shabby chic, the open beams will transform the room into your outdoor effect.  The large wooden beams give the feel of an outdoor reception without the risk of inclement weather. 

We would like to thank the crew from Avant Décor for all of their fantastic ways to decorate the Crown Room ceiling.  If you would like to add that little something to your reception, please give them a call at 952-2399-0480.  They will work with you to add that finishing touch!

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