Jeff, from Sunset Blue Productions, answers all those burning questions most couples have...but never want to ask.

1. Why do you think all couples should have a videographer at their wedding?
I like to think of the professional wedding video as an investment in the wedding day.  After all the time and energy, not to mention the money, put into a 12-hour period,  a professional video is the only way to really re-live the day over and over again.  Thereby, getting more out of the investment of time and money spent on the day.  The more you spend on your wedding, the more you should spend on the video.  Many times I have heard comments that I am spending a lot on a good photographer, therefore I do not need a videographer.  I am all for spending money on a good photographer, but it really is not the same as a professional video.  Even with the best photo, there is no sound; good sound of the vows and toasts can really take you back to the special day.  Also, when was the last time you cried looking at a wonderful photo?  Video can evoke the love and emotion like photos cannot.

2. What makes Sunset Blue Productions unique from other videographers?
We are all about telling the story of the wedding day in a cinematic and entertaining way.   We use the audio throughout the day that really can add to the visual cinematography we capture of the wedding day.  We think of our highlight videos (called the Featurette and Vignette) as really unique films.   The video really is a reflection of the couple and their love.  Some videos are really fun, others are really emotional and touching, or a combination of the both.   We use many film techniques to give your wedding video a film look. 

3. What different areas of the day do you like to focus on?
We really like to cover the major parts of the day, from the getting ready, all the way through to the dancing at the reception.  We like to focus on the couple and their relationship, so any special notes or gifts given to each other, or the special looks or glances given to each other throughout the day.   We not only try to get the big moments, but also some of the small, special moments throughout the day.

4. What are your favorite moments to capture?
Many times now the couple will see each other before the ceremony.   We call this the “First Look” or “First Meeting”; it is pretty cool to capture this moment.  The raw emotions and the couple seeing each other in their wedding attire is a touching moment not to be missed.  

5. If you could give your couples any advice…what would it be?
Hire a professional videographer to cover your wedding day.   You will not regret it!   Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, if it is worth reliving and remembering, it is worth it to hire a professional videographer to capture it.

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