Driving Distances

Here are some driving distances to reach The Crown Room in Rogers:

  • Downtown St. Paul is just 38 minutes on I-35E & I-694
  • Downtown Minneapolis in less than 25 minutes on I-94
  • Ridgedale (Minnetonka) in less than 20 minutes
  • I-94 & 169 intersection in less than 14 minutes
  • I-94 & I-494 intersection in less than 10 minutes

Driving Directions

  1. Travel west on I-94 through Maple Grove to the Rogers exit at I-94 & 101 (Exit 207), which is approximately 8 miles west of the 494/94 interchange in Maple Grove.
  2. Turn right (north) on 101 and go 1 short block to South Diamond Lake Road.
  3. Turn right (east) on South Diamond Lake Road. (A Holiday service station is on the SE corner and Target is on the SW corner of the 101/South Diamond Lake Road intersection).
  4. Continue traveling east on South Diamond Lake Road for 6 blocks. The Wellstead of Rogers is on the left.